Are You in Tuxtla and Don’t Know What to Do?

It’s easy! In Tuxtla Gutierrez you have hundreds of options and activities to do, of all kinds, but we’ll give you a weekly option for you to take a tour and enjoy your days in the capital city of Chiapas.

Discovering Tuxtla

If your thing is cultural tourism, you can’t miss the chance of exploring the wonderful Marimba Museum. Get to know this incredible artisanal instrument that is a symbol of the state of Chiapas, see how it was created and why is it so important for the state and enjoy the lovely photo galleries that will take you to the past. Don’t think it’s already over! Right in front of the museum is the wonderful Marimba Park and there you’ll enjoy good music, dance and a tasty cup of coffee from the different cafeterias around the park.

9a poniente norte (in front of the Marimba Park) 115, corner Avenida Central, Col. Tuxtla Gutiérrez Centro, C.P. 29000, Tuxtla Gutiérrez, Chiapas.
Phone: (961) 616 0012.
Opens: Tuesday to Sunday, 10:00 – 22:00 Hrs.

No excuses! Enjoy the many options that our capital city offers you and live Chiapas.

Chiapas in 5 Days

Enjoy Chiapas to the fullest and explore its capital city in the safest way.

In Hotel del Carmen, in addition to make sure you have the best lodging services possible, we care about you enjoying your vacations to the fullest, exploring Chiapas at its best. That is why we present you a top 5 museums in Tuxtla Gutierrez and why you shouldn’t miss them.

1. Planetarium.- The Tuxtla Gutierrez Planetarium offers the highest technology in image projection of Mexico and Latin America, with incredible halls that will fascinate you with their great and interactive content. Get to know the world of the space and all its secrets in a chance you can’t miss.

2. The Impossing Glorious Christ of Copoya. – A unique opportunity to see one of Chiapas’ most important architectural masterpieces. Admire the beauty of Tuxtla Gutierrez with the magnificent view from the mirador and enjoy the magic of the church where services are held.

3. Museum of Coffee. –  Get to know the magic of the creation of the best coffees in the state of Chiapas, their roots, from the sowing to the harvesting and the whole process. Also a photographic exhibition in the museum. Everything for you to enjoy a visit to a world full of colors and flavors.

4. Chiapas Museum. – There’s no better place to know the history and origins of the state,, with a great location that will allow you finding it easily. A unique choice to go back to the past and live the history and culture that surrounds this wonderful state.

5. MUCH. – The Museum of Science and Technology of Chiapas is the right place to spend an afternoon full of magic and fun, for all ages. See this space and discover nature in a unique way with three interactive halls that will amaze you.

Did You Know That…

The imposing Christ of Copoya is compared to the Statue of Liberty in New York for being one of the tallest monuments in America.

Don’t Miss…

We give you all the info and phone numbers of the recommended museums. Hotel del Carmen wishes the most amazing vacations in Chiapas!


Lic. María Isabel Pedrero Espinoza, Director of the Chiapas Museum of Science and Technology.
• Director of the Planetarium of Tuxtla
• Phone number: (961) 21 21082.

• Address: Copoya, Chiapas.
• Phone number: 01 961 614 6731.
• Hours: Thursdays 10:00–19:00.

• Address: Branch Centro, 631, El Calvario, 29000, Tuxtla Gutierrez, Chiapas.
• Phone number: 01 961 225 0881.

• Director of the Museo Regional de Chiapas Arq. Roberto López Bravo.
• Phone & fax: 01 (449) 916 – 5228.

• Phone numbers: 01 (961) 639 2564, 01 (961)639 2731 and 01 (961) 639 2519, extension 26144.